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AIRPLUS SYSTEMS LIMITED is "your total source" for compressed air, vacuum and air operated equipment in Western Canada.

Whether you need air for an industrial plant, air for breathing, air for abrasive blasting, pneumatic conveying, or equipment for purifying or vacuuming, we can provide the right choice of equipment for that application.


We are proud to represent these major
manufacturers and their products:

  • COMPAIR USA - lubricated, oil free and high pressure compressors
  • HYDROVANE - rotary vane air compressors
  • CHAMPION PNEUMATIC - lubricated, oil free and nitrogen compressors
  • DV SYSTEMS - lubricated reciprocating and rotary screw compressors
  • CHICAGO PNEUMATIC - rotary screw and VSD compressors
  • VAN AIR SYSTEMS - compressed air dryers and filtration
  • EMPIRE ABRASIVE CORP - abrasive blasting products
  • CLEMCO INDUSTRIES - abrasive blasting equipment and accessories
  • UNITED AIR SPECIALISTS - air cleaning and dust collection equipment
  • MACO - breathing air compressors and fill stations
  • ROTORCOMP - rotary screw compressor modules
  • DELTECH - air purification systems for breathing air
  • SMC CORP - FRL components, filter systems and air dryers
  • TRINTY TOOL - abrasive blasting cabinets
  • FAI FILTRE - aftermarket filters and accessories
  • DUROVAC - industrial vacuum cleaning equipment
  • HP PRODUCTS - vacuum piping and fittings
  • FORECAST- "PIRATE BRAND" abrasive blasting parts and accessories
  • ICC - aftermarket parts and accessories for compressors
  • APPL - compressed air dryers and oil free compressors
  • AKG THERMAL - oil coolers and air coolers
  • AIR SYSTEMS - breathing air purification systems
  • MANCHESTER - air and vacuum receivers
  • POWEREX - oil free scroll compressors and vacuum pumps
  • BULLARD - operators safety equipment
  • EVERBLAST - abrasive blast nozzles and accessories
  • CHAMPION FAN- industrial fans and fan products
  • NORTECH - air powered vacuum equipment
  • SUMMIT - industrial lubricants and oils
  • GREATECH - Rotary Lobe Blowers
  • PURE STREAM - compressed air piping
  • AIRTECH - vacuum pumps and accessories

ISO Certified


Airplus Systems Limited
#111-9295 198th Street
Langley, BC
V1M 3J9

Phone: 604-882-3741
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