AIRPLUS SYSTEMS is ISO-2008 certified and we employ those standards for the many products & services that we provide. We are proud of the qualified personnel that we employ.

We are proud to represent these major manufacturers and the many products they provide

Compressed Air Products

  • CHICAGO PNEUMATIC: air compressors, air dryers & accessories
  • ROTORCOMP: rotary screw compressor modules to 75HP
  • MATTEI: rotary vane air compressors and air ends
  • DV SYSTEMS: reciprocating & rotary screw compressors
  • CHAMPION: oil free and reciprocating industrial compressors
  • AIR POWER PRODUCTS: air dryers, blowers & oil free air
  • MANCHESTER: compressed air and vacuum receivers
  • STEEL FAB: air and vacuum receivers and custom built tanks
  • PURE STREAM: compressed air piping and piping systems
  • FAI FILTRE: replacement oil separators, oil and air filters
  • VAN AIR SYSTEMS: compressed air dryers and filters
  • DELTECH: breathing air purifiers and filtration systems
  • SMC CORPORATION: air dryers and compressed air filters
  • AKG THERMAL: heat exchangers and aftercoolers
  • ICC CORP: reciprocating air compressor service parts
  • AIR SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL: breathing air units & CO monitors
  • GREATECH: rotary lobe blowers for pressure & vacuum service
  • SOLBERG - filters and elements for compressors and blowers
  • JORC PRODUCTS: condensate management systems and auto drains
  • WALKER FILTRATION: compressed air filters and dryers
  • MAKO COMPRESSORS: high pressure breathing air compressors
  • POWEREX: rotary scroll oil free compressors
  • ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES: breathing air pumps & purification systems
  • PEAK INDUSTRIAL - modular nitrogen generators

Clean Air Products

  • UNITED AIR SPECIALISTS: dust collectors, bag houses and electronic precipitators
  • DUST HOG: cartridge dust collectors and filter bag houses
  • SMOG HOG: electronic precipitators and fume extractors
  • CHAMPION FAN: dust collector fans & low pressure fans
  • U.S. FILTRATION: dust collector service parts
  • TDC FILTER: replacement filter cartridges and filter bags

Industrial Vacuum Systems

  • DUROVAC: industrial vacuums and central vacuum systems
  • HP PRODUCTS: vacuum piping and vacuum fittings
  • NORTECH: air powered vacuum heads and vacuum tools
  • ARCO WAND: industrial vacuum systems
  • RUWAC VACUUMS: explosion proof and wet/dry vacuums
  • LORENZ PRODUCTS: vacuum tools and separators
  • TUEC: vacuum tools and vacuum hose

Abrasive Blasting Products

  • CLEMCO INDUSTRIES: abrasive blasting products & recovery units
  • EMPIRE ABRASIVE CORP: abrasive blasting cabinets and systems
  • PIRATE BRAND: abrasive blasting parts & accessories
  • EVERBLAST INC: blast nozzles and blasting accessories
  • TRINITY TOOL : Trinco blast cabinets & blasting systems
  • CANABLAST: solvent recyclers and blasting products
  • ASL BLASTING PRODUCTS: blasting accessories and service parts